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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve taken some of your frequently asked questions and placed them here for easy access. If you are looking for something else or more details, please see our handbook (located in the Quick Links of the Home page). You also can call or email us with questions. We will get back to you quickly.

Is there a dress code at school?

Yes, we encourage our students to dress appropriately and have a neat appearance. They also need to dress for weather conditions and comfort for play during recess and physical education. Our full policy is available for your review in the student handbook (located in the quick links of the Home page).

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Can my child ride the bus to school?

Yes, we provide bus transportation for our students who live more than 1½ miles from school or if a hazardous condition has been identified. Bus safety is high on our priority list, so we work with the Transportation Department and parents to make sure that our students demonstrate good behavior when riding the bus.

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What kind of discipline policy is in place at Bruning Elementary?

We have implemented a school-wide positive behavior support system that promotes good behavior. We help our students follow these expectations: Respect yourself; Respect others; Respect property; Be there; Be ready. We reinforce positive behaviors through many programs, and we have implemented a rewards program for students who show and improve their responsible behavior. Please read more on the system, including a matrix explaining how our students can demonstrate the expectations, in our student handbook.

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What do I do when my child needs to be absent from school?

We ask that the parent or guardian notify us before 9:00 a.m. on the day of an absence. Please call us at (815) 926-1683. Of course, regular attendance is essential to your child’s success, so our school nurse works closely with us and with parents to make sure that we all understand the circumstances when a child should not be sent to school due to illness. You can contact the school nurse any time you have questions.

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How will I know if school is closed due to inclement weather or another emergency?

We have lots of ways to inform you about school closings, including radio stations, television stations, websites, and a parent notification system, which sends a phone or email message to you. 

Radio Stations

Chicago AM - 720, 890, 78
Chicago FM - 98
Joliet AM - 1340,100.7
Joliet FM - 100.7
Kankakee AM - 1320
Kankakee FM - 89.7, 95.1
Morris AM - 1550
Morris PM - 95.7
Wilmington FM - 105.5

Television Stations

2, 5, 7, 9

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