Proud Home of the WILDCATS
Bruning Elementary School

Bruning Academics

Literacy and numeracy skills lay the foundation for our students’ success in school and in life. We have designed educationally sound and developmentally appropriate programs to ensure that our students achieve and believe in themselves.

Preschool for All

Our preschool is a happy place for children ages three to five. It is also a very busy place. We help our students discover learning and prompt them in self-discovery. We make learning fun by aligning our curriculum with activities such as art, music, and movement. We look forward to your little Wildcat joining our pack!

All Day Kindergarten

There are lots of reasons why all day kindergarten works at Bruning. We can quote educational research and provide statistics, but, for us, it’s simple: We have more time to work with students (we really like that). Our goal is to build on what our students have learned in preschool and prepare them for a more formal learning experience in first grade. And, as usual, we really have a great time doing that together!

First Grade

First grade is very exciting for students. In fact, there are a lot of firsts in first grade. While some of our students learn to read in kindergarten, most of them learn in first grade. We work with our students, who have a range of abilities, with the goal to have them reading confidently by second grade. Other firsts relate to writing, math, and critical thinking skills. You will receive lots of information about first grade curriculum from your child’s teacher.

Music and Physical Education

Our children each learn differently. Some of them learn best by seeing, others by hearing, and many by moving. Our music and physical education programs not only enrich our students’ daily schedule and are a lot of fun, but they are an essential part of their learning and lessons. Classroom teachers and these departments work collaboratively to introduce or reinforce topics and skills through music and movement.